Taekwondo Tots – up to 6 years of age

Due to a continual demand to train young children , we will be establishing a ‘Taekwondo Tots’ class for ages up to 6 years. The concept is to provide a kid’s class separate to older members, whilst transitioning those kids into the mainstream classes at the appropriate time.

The classes will be at the Mt Gravatt Scout hall – Logan Road Mt Gravatt each Saturday from 8.30 am – 9.30 am. The current fee structure applies

Classes start 2 June 2012 and interested persons should contact me via email to register.

No tournament training for next 2 weeks

There will be no tournament training for the next two weeks (13th and 20th) due to the club camp (13th April ) and the Ky-tu Dang seminar (20th April - Refer TKD Qld Website for further details).
These two weeks will be credited to your training block.
This year the club will participate in the Gold Coast open in late May, both in the technical and sparring events.
To enable the Brisbane coaches to plan their days schedule around the Brisbane players whilst also performing refereeing and officiating duties,  those Brisbane players who attend our tournament training will only be coached on the day.
If your from Brisbane  then you need to attend tournament training and be part of the team.
Your coaches must know what you can and cant do otherwise it’s all a guess on the day and that’s not fair on anyone.
Remember these coaches both in Brisbane and from the country volunteer their services and so we should all be considerate of their heavy workload on the day.