STQ Open 2018 & Hanmadang 2018 results

Please find below an information package for the STQ Open 2018 and the Hanmadang 2018 results.

Club Tournament

Just a reminder that the club tournament is on this Saturday from 1 pm at Runcorn Club Hall.
Start time is 1pm and the spectator entry fee for non competitors is $10 for adults and $5 for children max family rate is $15.
Events are sparring, poomse, weapons , power breaking, high kick, Team poomse and creative poomse - something for all
On the day we will be fundraising for our latest charity ’ The Butterfly Foundation’
As a result of the tournament the following class changes are made:
Saturday ‘Tots Class’ is on.
Saturday normal class 9.30 - 11 am is cancelled.
Sunday night class at Runcorn is cancelled.

The Butterfly Foundation

‘The Butterfly Foundation’ which is dedicated to bringing about change to the culture, policy and practice in the prevention, treatment and support of those affected by eating disorders and negative body image. To see more information about this charity, here is the link To fund-raise for this charity the club will be supporting this charity at the club tournament on August 11.

Please support this charity by purchasing these cup cakes at the event.

No tournament training for next 2 weeks

There will be no tournament training for the next two weeks (13th and 20th) due to the club camp (13th April ) and the Ky-tu Dang seminar (20th April - Refer TKD Qld Website for further details).
These two weeks will be credited to your training block.
This year the club will participate in the Gold Coast open in late May, both in the technical and sparring events.
To enable the Brisbane coaches to plan their days schedule around the Brisbane players whilst also performing refereeing and officiating duties,  those Brisbane players who attend our tournament training will only be coached on the day.
If your from Brisbane  then you need to attend tournament training and be part of the team.
Your coaches must know what you can and cant do otherwise it’s all a guess on the day and that’s not fair on anyone.
Remember these coaches both in Brisbane and from the country volunteer their services and so we should all be considerate of their heavy workload on the day.

State Open Championships

Last weekend Taekwondo Queensland held the 2012 State Open Championships.
We sent a combined total of 36 players from our club to attend as competitors; this is one of the largest teams we have sent. Other members of the club attended as judges, referees and volunteers over the weekend.
Saturday saw the Poomsae championships with many of our students competing, some for the very first time, along with a number of our black belts attending the day as technical Judges. Students participated in Individual Traditional Poomsae, Pairs and Teams Poomsae and Individual Creative Poomsae, and it was fantastic to see such a great effort from all participants and to have such a great outcome.
Everyone performed very well with many of the technical judges providing good feedback and excellent compliments to the Russell Macarthur Taekwondo crew.
We left Saturday’s competition with 29 medals; 8 Golds, 14 Silver and 7 Bronze.

Returning on Sunday for the Sparring Championships, we were all determined to give it our all.
Our players participated in some of the most exciting fights of the day and all fought in the true spirit of Taekwondo, with many of the officials commenting on our sportsmanship and etiquette.
On top of this, we provided major support for the event by providing up to seven referees (that’s enough to run an entire court on their own) both experienced and novice. Some of our players were sparring for the first time, and they did incredibly well.
Congratulations to everyone as we walked away with 10 Bronze, 4 Silver and an amazing 14 Gold!
Over the entire weekend we took home a total of 17 Bronze, 18 Silver and 22 Gold bringing our total up to 57 medals! Congratulations again to all competitors, referees, judges, coaches and volunteers. A fantastic effort by all! We hope to see you and many more competing at the next tournament, which is the Gold Coast Open in May 2012.

Results are below

NAME      Sparring Individual Poomsae Pairs Poomsae Team Poomsae Individual Creative
Abigail Rummenie Bronze Silver

Alexander Walsh

Alyxandra Still Gold Bronze

Ameet Jamble

Andrew Crothers Bronze

Anne Cardillio


Ashlan Bailey Gold Gold

Braden Cox

Cameron Cardillo Gold x 2

Cecelia Jarvis

Elizabeth Rummenie Bronze Silver

Hossein Jahanabadi

Isabelle Schaefer Gold

James Crothers Bronze

Jason Atkins

Jason Shaw


Jessie Henning Silver Bronze

Jherome Gadian Bronze

Joshua Cobb Silver

Kimberley Bailey Gold Silver

Kirstyne Ford

Lachlan Cardillo Bronze Silver

Leanne Gillbard Silver

Leeola Schaefer


Megan Williams Bronze Gold

Mikki Atkins

Nathaniel Atkins

Rachel Hone

Raechel Smit


Ryley Hampson Gold + Bronze

Shannon Young Gold

Stacey Rummenie Gold + Silver

Stefan Lakemond Gold x 2 Gold

Steve Hampson Bronze

Tessa Wilson Bronze Gold

Tomas Schaefer Gold

36 Playes 57 Medals

22 Gold

18 Silver

17 Bronze

Medal Incentive Scheme

The medal incentive scheme is now in place whereby you can have refunded a percentage of your entry fee based on the results you achieve.
This scheme applies to both Sparring and Poomse teams but only to those who:-

1.    Participate in the above tournament training,
2.    Are financial at the time of the medal being awarded,
3.    Compete in a club embroidered uniform and,
4.    Compete in the true spirit of the club.

Incentive Details:-

Gold   50% rebate for more than 5 in a division.
Silver 30% rebate for more than 5 in a division.
Bronze 20% rebate for more than 5 in a division.

There will be further incentives by way of entry sponsorship provided to competitors who display not only repeated success but displayed commitment to learn.

Cho's tournament 2011

“It was a great day at Cho’s tournament on Sunday. Mr Lister and his club made us feel very welcome. Apart from the usual poomsae and sparring, they also had stick fighting and creative board breaking. David Pham impressed everyone with his creativity and won 2 gold in sparring - 1 in the red division and 1 in the black division (David accepting his medal in video). I also won gold in the poomsae”.

… Julie Thai