By use of circular movement a Hapkido practitioner can redirect and reuse energy supplied with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.
    The properties of water are analogous to most martial arts
    and are often quoted to the point of cliche. Water adapts to any surface or container,
    can be hard when directed with energy like a river, or soft like trying cup water in a hand.
  • MIND PRINCIPLE (or Influence)
    The mind is the greatest asset of a Hapkido practitioner. 
    By utilising the focus of the conscious mind and the reflex action of the sub-conscious
    mind a Hapkido practitioner can overcome larger more powerful opponents by application
    of appropriate technique and mental influence.


Anyone of any age can learn Hapkido

Hapkido is a soft martial art not requiring great physical strength or fitness to start learning.
Due to the nature of wrist locking impacting on growing joints, children's participation
is limited in these areas, but this is more than compensated for in the dynamic
and fun activities that are used in Hapkido.