Tournament Training – Sparring Team

We are inviting Master Instructor Wayne Reeves to train with us for sparring training. Master Reeves will be bringing his players to us in the near future for you all to gain additional valuable training.

Sparring will be covering two concepts;
1. Technique/sparring and ,
2. Fitness.

  • Technique /Sparring will be conducted at the Mt Gravatt Scout hall Fridays
    7 pm – 8.30 pm.

The same pre pay system used in the poomse classes will apply.
Pre pay 10 night blocks of $8 per session.@ $80.00

All payments are to be made to Mr Walsh.
A casual rate for sparring will be $15 per session.

You will be allocated 12 sessions in which to compete the 10 sessions.
If you attend all 12, the two extra sessions are free to you.