The Coffee Break Project

As a Club we are sponsoring the Coffee Break Project.

The Coffee Break Project encourages the community to give up coffee during the month of October to raise funds for the charity Group 61 and increase awareness for those suffering from mental illness.

The Coffee Break Project aims to draw awareness of the significance and importance that ‘going for a coffee’ has for a particular segment of the community – those with poor mental health. For these people, going for a coffee is much more than just a caffeine kick.

Group 61 pairs volunteers up with people suffering from mental illness (referred to as friends) and volunteers take their ‘friend’ out once a week for coffee and conversation. For many ‘friends’, this is their only weekly outing. This simple act provides these forgotten members of our community with much needed social interaction and grants them greater freedom and confidence.

We challenge the community to have a coffee-free October and seek sponsorship from friends, family and colleagues. All funds raised will go towards Group 61.

PLEASE accept the challenge & take the plunge today: REGISTER as an individual or team.

We have a lot of people in our club and they in turn know a lot of others in the wider community so please spread the word about this great cause and be proactive.