Change of fee structure for 2011

Change of fee structure for 2011 - reminder

The new direct debit System is now in place as of 1 January 2011.
I urge everyone to use this system to save paying the higher fees for manual payments.
You have two payment options:

1. Payment by direct debit –  debited 1st monthly ( the cheaper option)
2011 fees will increase by $5 across each current 2010 category e.g.
1 Child is $50 via direct debit
1 Adult is $60 via direct debit
Max Family rate is $85 via Direct Debit

The club will meet the on going monthly bank fees for debiting of bank accounts but you will meet the monthly fees for credit card transactions.

2. Payment Manually
2011 fees will increase by $10 across each 2010 category. e.g.
1 child fee rises to $55
1 Adult is $65
Max Family rate rises to $90

Why we introduced Direct Debit system payments

The reasons are:-

  1. As part of our commitment to provide our very best service to you we have decided to implement an automated payment service
  2. I have been concerned for some time about young kids walking to class at night carrying cash, sometimes more than 2 months worth of training fees
  3. I get asked a lot about direct debiting of accounts
  4. Some would like to use their credit cards as their preferred method of payments so they can get rewards points etc.
  5. An increase in dishonoured chqs being received
  6. The cessation of paper based newsletters has proved successful and I want to further see efficiencies in the club.

The Direct Debit Provider is Ezi Debit systems
We have chosen Ezidebit because:

  • This service will SAVE you time, as you will no longer need to stand in a queue to pay your fees
  • There are no lock-in contracts
  • The initial Ezidebit administration charge of $2.20 will be paid by the club until the end of January 2010. From 1 February new applications will incur this cost
  • Cancellations are accepted at the end of each month
  • You can speak with me directly about any changes because we have the ability to amend your payments
  • Ezidebit are fully compliant and have an Australian Financial Services Licence
  • Getting Started

The Direct Debit forms are for your completion (Download here) and return to your instructors or myself as soon as possible. Each month without the direct debit form you’re paying more for your training.

For those who wish to continue paying as they currently do now you need to do nothing.
We are still at least 50% cheaper than our nearest competitor.