2013 Awards Night Reminder

On the 9th of November Russell Macarthur Taekwondo and Hapkido will be holding its first ever Annual Taekwondo Awards night at the Mt Gravatt Bowls club The night will include a buffet meal followed by a DJ.

Costs will be subsidised by the club but are expected to be very reasonable.

Below is a list of the awards Students and Instructors will be eligible to achieve in 2013. There are certain criteria to be able to win awards, and this will be explained in future newsletters.

  • Award nominations given out at Awards nights is as follows,
  • Russell Macarthur Clubs Student’s of the year: (1 per club location)
  • Russell Macarthur Spirit of Taekwondo awards,
  • Russell Macarthur Queensland Representative award
  • Russell Macarthur Australian Representative award
  • Russell Macarthur Volunteer’s awards
  • Russell Macarthur Tournament Champion of Champion
  • Russell Macarthur Junior Student of the year
  • Russell Macarthur Senior Student of the year
  • Russell Macarthur Instructor of the year